My Real Estate Recipe

My Big Mission

I've been working as a real estate agent for well over a decade.  It's kind of insane to think about sometimes...  I think it was in my blood.

In all honesty though, real estate is just a tool for me.  

I have a bigger mission at my core.  

I want to help people build wealth.

Your home is the largest asset you will ever own.  

I don't necessarily see us purchasing a massive yatch with a helicopter landing pad for you anytime soon - although that would be pretty awesome!

Never say never!

Let's get serious here for a moment though, because this is your next big opportunity. 

I've worked with many clients over the years, and through it all, the most successful real estate clients I've worked with have all had one thing in common. 

They've followed my real estate recipe.

This recipe is easy.  

It identifies three key operating principals every client should experience before taking the real estate leap.  Once you’ve begun the process, I can walk you through my proven systems.  If you’re wondering whether you’re ready to sell or purchase your next home, these three ingredients can easily answer your question.


You can definitely go ahead and hire your mom's realtor... Or your friend's.  Or you can hire your next door neighbour who just got his real estate license...

You can definitely do that and I'm not going to stop you.

I'm not going to stop you because I know real estate and I take my work pretty seriously.  I've seen the ups and downs this industry has endured over the last decade, and I know when someone isn't ready to work with me.

Think of it this way, your home is not just a roof over your head.

It is much much more than that!

I want you to stop thinking of your home as merely a shelter.

You're not just looking for a place to live, you're building and designing and cultivating your dream life.

You're setting a straight course for your future.


What's Next Is Up To you

So that course you're setting... Well, that's up to you.

I've seen real estate change peoples' lives.  

In fact, it's changed mine.

I know my systems work because I've used them over and over again.  In fact, I'm using them myself for the third time in less than a year.  


I've purchase three different properties this year.

I'm not any different from you.  I'm not some whiz-kid who started out with a bunch of money. 

I started out by buying a little condo in Edmonton, Alberta - straight out of university.

And I did it in a very similar market to this one!

Necessity is the catalyst for invention, and what began as a personal quest has evolved into a social and economic mission for me.  

It is simply not enough that the majority of us struggle to pay the bills.

I want us to thrive.

My Real Estate Recipe

We live in a beautiful place.  Victoria, BC is one of the strongest real estate markets in the world.  And yet, compared to other world-class cities, it's still relatively affordable. 

My job is to pin-point your unique needs, and find your complimentary listing.

I’ll never push you because I believe forcing people to make a decision that's not right for them is not only terribly unprofessional, it’s just bad life karma.



Every successful client I’ve ever worked with has been undeniably motivated.

Motivated to search for the right home and complete all necessary paperwork and negotiations.  Motivated to do what’s needed to make their real estate experience a success.

Something magic happens when you find yourself willing to do whatever it takes.

Any and all excuses get thrown out the window.  You relinquish the need to control your outcome.  You open yourself up to the universe.

Even more important - you allow the people around you to help you, and everything flows.



If you want to work with me or any other real estate agent out there, know this...

You absolutely have to decide to trust your pro.

Whether you are a first-time home-buyer or a seasoned real estate enthusiast, nothing compares to the knowledge and experience your professional real estate agent possesses. 

I have unique tricks up my sleeve.  I reserve these unique tricks for random and unique situations, and even though some of these tricks might seem weird at the time, every move I make is calculated and designed to keep you in the best negotiating position possible.

Make sure to select a professional you know you’re going to trust.



I am creative.  

As a very young realtor, I didn’t feel like my creative side belonged in real estate. 

I’ve since learned that it is my superpower. 

I like to consider myself the quarterback of your real estate team. 

This means, I absorb every event, situation and comment like a super soaker sponge.

Once I’ve gathered every ounce of information, my job is to creatively bind each piece together, and this is where my creative side works wonders.  

Creativity is like using flour to bake a cake.

Just imagine your cake without it.


No matter how you decide to move forward, when you find yourself considering your next real estate move, consider these three ingredients.  

Are you properly motivated?

Do you trust who you’re working with? 

Is your professional real estate agent resourceful and creative? 

From here, you can dive into the process knowing you’re elementary needs are covered.