Find out how you can have a fresh start WITH a brokerage that is focused on your long-term wealth

With one of the toughest housing markets in a decade, it’s no wonder that you’re stressed, overwhelmed, and maybe even a little scared. Whether you’re a solo agent, part of a team, or brand new to the real estate industry…

You can create true long-term wealth for yourself, while growing your current business by leaps-and-bounds.

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Unrivaled Training & technology

Truly master your craft as a real estate agent and harness the power of automation and technology to do more with less.

Join hundreds of agents all across North America who receive over 15-hours of weekly training to build, develop, refresh, and master skills that will increase your conversion, get you more transactions, and, ultimately, result in more money in your pocket at the end of the day…

(Absolutely free!)


Unparalleled income opportunity

Create true wealth, income that is not limited to the number of hours you work, the amount of time spent at the office, or the number of transactions you do every year.

Discover the revenue opportunity that’s attracting top agents across the country at a breakneck pace. Discover the revenue sharing model that is allowing real estate agents like you and me to nearly double their income, while doing what we do best!.


what you get when you work with us

  •  Access to high quality leads  

You'll receive a minimum of 50 leads per month - just by joining our team.

We've worked hard to establish a strategic in-house lead generation funnel and we'll continue to spend our marketing dollars to generate high-quality leads for you.  This is over $2000.00 per month of value!

  • Weekly training and guidance

We'll teach you what to say on the phones.  You'll strengthen communication skills with prospects and clients.

We'll help you develop kick-ass buyer presentations.  You'll gain valuable marketing and sales experience.

Master the art of negotiations.  Succeed in multiple offers.

We want you to reap the benefits of our knowledge - because in the end - we'll win together.

You will literally earn while you learn

a few more perks...

  • Benefit from our in-house resources - including a license to use our industry-leading CRMs.

- A monthly value of $550 independent agents.

  •  Feel confident and supported with a fully trained and efficient staff on-hand to ensure your house-keeping tasks are in order - including the removal of conditions and signing of contracts.   

- A monthly value of $3000 for independent agents.

  • Gain a sense of purpose and renewed energy by working in a team environment - all while enjoying some work / life balance - which we all know is next to impossible.

- A monthly value of absolutely priceless!!!


a partnership that pays off from day #1

Become an owner starting your first day. Truly giving you the opportunity to plot the course for your own career.

Our family of agents build their own businesses while having the opportunity to also establish a direct ownership interest in the brokerage! No desk fees. No royalty fees. No franchise fees. Keep 80-100% of your commissions and participate in one of the industry’s most rewarding icon-agent programs. Best of all… work from anywhere!


our 30 day fast-track plan

  •     Week 1 - Master your inner phone-ninja.  

  •     Week 2 - Build relationships with high-quality leads.

  •     Week 3 - Book consultations and start earning commission.

  •     Week 4 - Show and sell to clients who are ready to buy.

Enjoy a happy and fulfilling quality of life with increased financial security from a consistent and predictable paycheck.



It's completely possible.

We're going to make you a top agent because that's what you deserve. 

STOP PLANNING.  Start doing.


And just in case you're still not convinced...

Start now and we'll cover your first three months of brokerage fees at Pemberton Holmes