Happy Thanksgiving

Pie & Gratitude

I feel really thankful on the daily. 

For me, the purpose of real estate is to help my clients cultivate more meaningful lives.

And I feel like I get to make that impact every single day.

I love my clients to pieces.  

One of the best parts of my job is watching my clients evolve over time.  

I get to watch their little families grow, and it’s always a wonderful opportunity when I get to visit with them and learn about their stories in a deeper way.

Happy Thanksgiving 

This year, I wanted to thank my clients in a special and creative way.

That, and I wanted to be of service. 

We all get busy when the holidays arrive.  It’s often a stressful time for a lot of families.

There are endless to-do lists, and combined with the chaos of regular obligations, our weeks can sometimes feel long and overwhelming.  Not only that, but the days get shorter and it just feels like we have less time to accomplish our goals.

I wanted to help ease that chaos a little bit.

Greg and I decided it would be really fun to gift our clients dessert for thanksgiving dinner.

We all know how the cooking goes...


We thought a delicious homemade pie might just be the perfect fix for early holiday woes.

An Afternoon At Koffi Coffee

We had a wonderful afternoon visiting with clients in what felt like a sea full of pies!

We love our local neighbourhoods in Victoria, BC.

We really wanted to promote some of our most cherished local haunts.  So we asked one of our fave coffee shops - Koffi Coffee - if we could hang out with our pies for the afternoon and visit with clients.

Koffi Coffee was so accommodating and wonderful to work with, which was no surprise.

They provided the perfect orange backdrop for our thanksgiving gifts.

Our pies came from the forever dependable Bubby Rose’s Bakery.  They were baked the morning of our event and smelled absolutely delicious.  

For our gluten-free option, we purchased GF pumpkin pies from Bake My Day - a great local gluten-free bakery in Duncan, BC.  They shipped the pies down to us on very short notice and make our selections easy as pie!


Our little community came together to enjoy gratitude and good company, and it was easily the best day I’ve had in a very long time.  It was such a pleasure to see my clients loving their new homes and living their dreams.  

And of course, it was the perfect way to start off a thanksgiving weekend. 

Thank You

To all of our clients,

You place your faith and trust in our little team and we could not be more grateful.  

It is a true privilege to work with you and to help you make such important and impactful decisions.  It isn’t lost on us - the role we play in helping you live your dreams and accomplish your goals.

To us, real estate is so much more than just a financial transaction.

We are invited into your home and your life to help make meaningful, positive change.

And I feel lucky to be your Realtor

- PK -