Shiny red ball vs diamond in the rough


The Shiny Red Ball Downfall

Are you a buyer in this market?

You need an edge. 

Many homes are selling for well over asking price, but we’re going to ignore that fact.  

Instead, we’re going to focus on what’s right for you.

Because that’s what matters. 

You’d deserve to be happy and you deserve to build wealth.  

And the truth is, you deserve those things regardless what the market is doing. 

Sounds crazy, right?

This is where I get kind of passionate!  Because I really believe what I’m preaching.  I’ve seen it work first-hand not only for me, but for all of my clients.  I've helped buyers become more competitive in this market by working with proven strategies and staying the course together, on our goals. 

Victoria Market Sales Statistics.

It's not a pipe dream. 

I can honestly tell you that no other agent in Victoria is implementing my strategies. 

And the reason why is simple. 

I truly believe that everyone - no matter their financial background - has the right to get into the market and build equity in their home.  

If you’re renting right now, I want you to call me.

Like, right now!



You've gotta pay to live.  Anywhere. 


You're going to save thousands of dollars every month by paying yourself instead of your landlord. 

Equity?  Check!

Be brave.  I promise you this...  You won’t ever regret being a home-owner.

BUYMarion Groot