Spring Has Sprung - List Your Home

spring has sprung

Our lives have seasons just like the weather.

And in general, I'm really thankful for spring.  It's finally arrived on Vancouver Island.  Even if we're only getting a small glimpse of what's to come, that's enough for me.

It was a dark and dreary winter! 

Spring always brings with it, a sense of renewal.  

As a season, it feels light and fresh and filled with possibility.  It makes me want to clean out my closets and organize my office.  Although, these days I don't have many of either.  

Our flips have definitely made us nimble.

I feel like the entire world is comes out of hibernation, and it just so happens that spring is one of the most popular times to sell your home.  Something about the newly budding cherry blossoms make change feel imminent.

I thought I'd put together a few tips to help you list and sell your home this spring - and to help you maximize your newfound sense of energy. 

After all, nice weather makes everything better!

curb appeal

Work it.  

Prepare for the annual onslaught from Mother Nature!  

Cause she's really flippin' excited.

Start by pruning and sculpting your vines and bushes - especially those in front of your home.  

Over the next few weeks, the bravest of shoots will extend to your windows and pathways - and they can really creep up on buyers.


It was a long winter and we're all desperately craving a heavy dose of vitamin D. 

Use this opportunity to have your windows professionally cleaned, or tackle them yourself.  Either way, you'll want to maximize the natural light coming into your home. 

With clear windows, your rooms will look shiny and inviting.


It sounds crazy - but it's pretty common for buyers to mistake accumulated dirt around windows as mold.  This is a really good tip - because it can make all the difference. 

Concentrate your efforts about the window cills.

spring clean

Spring is a good time to pretend you're a home inspector.  Who doesn't love a little role-play?

I'm kidding!

You don't necessarily have to roll around in your attic - hello allergy season - but you do want to go over your house room by room with the intention of fixing anything that might stand out.

Patch those old photo holes and clean out your fireplace.

If you're selling your home, do this before it gets professionally inspected. 

Leaving obvious, easy-to-fix problems for the next owner casts doubt on your maintenance regime. If you're feeling nervous about this process and want to cover all your bases ahead of time, consider a pre-inspection from one of our licensed, pre-approved home inspectors.

You can always contact me for more info on this topic!

Sometimes, it comes down to the most simple of things - like cleaning the dust from your furnace and wiping down a hot water tank.  Doing so can go a long way in convincing buyers that you have meticulously maintained these big ticket items. 

sparkle and shine

We're still working in a pretty crazy market and there's not a ton of inventory out there, but you will see an increase in listings as spring blossoms.

Pardon my pun!

This is a good time to prep and ready yourself to beat the influx.

Anything capable of a glimmer should sparkle. 

You don't need to remove all evidence that you live in the house, but you do need to remove all evidence of fingerprints - and especially paw prints! 

This spring - in our current market - open houses are sure to attract record numbers.  

Impress your potential buyers by following these tips. 

They might be relatively simple, but they are sure to make the big impact.