Patricia Kiteke


A little bit about me.

I am so excited to embark on the journey of home ownership with you!  When I was in university, I found myself working for Landmark Master Builder, one of the top builders in Alberta.  

To be quite honest, I was originally looking for a quiet job where I could study for exams and still maintain my budget for instant noodles and discount beer. 

It was the height of the real estate boom in Alberta, and my new job turned out to be anything but quiet.  

I was quickly thrust into the very demanding role of managing the development of a subdivision. 

After soaking up every ounce of knowledge that I could, I made the life-changing decision to leave the builder and develop my own real estate business.  

My goal is to help people create and grow their real estate portfolios.  

By working with me, I guarantee that you will receive the full benefit of years of high-level real estate experience. 

It has been my entire life for the past eleven years. 

- PK


Patricia Kiteke