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I love creating a visual road map when it comes to our renovation projects.  It's a great way to streamline your ideas and construct a plan before you get started.  

A design palette will help ensure you don't get overwhelmed with endless choices during the actual renovation process, and you'll save yourself a lot of headaches.

Our latest project is getting realllllllyyyy interesting. 

We decided to channel our inner summer-geeks.  Our in-house designer set to work on creating a mid-century-boho-mediterranean vibe.  Something fresh and updated.

When you see the finished results, you're going to swoon.

We started with clean lines to lay a solid foundation.  We added crisp cream whites and muted greys to induce a relaxed, easy feeling to the overall decor.  

Finally, we finished off by throwing in just the right amount of pastel accent colours to create softness and round out any edges. 

As with all our projects, we didn't start from scratch. 

We integrated original elements and repurposed what made sense.  It's important to us to renovate our properties with a low carbon footprint and a deep respect for stories past.

From there, we sourced affordable fixtures with high style to make this project feel unique and completely customized.  Now, it just needs forever-owners! 

This home will be bubbly, bright and filled with possibility.

It's perfect for tennis pros, radiologists, organic baking enthusiasts, urbanites, location snobs and the budgetary challenged. 

We love it

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