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Janion Downtown Condo

The Janion

This collection of Waterfront micro lofts is something Victoria has never seen before.  They’re fresh and beautifully designed to cut out whatever’s not important in your life.   What do you need?  Are you on an adventure?  Would maximum efficiency help you focus?

These lofts spark a feeling that anything is possible and NOTHING is tying you down.

From a day on the water to fine dining the Micro-Loft lifestyle allows you to focus on the essentials. Whether you want to travel the world or walk to a coffee shop. Your amenities are all of Victoria’s inner harbour:  Parliament, shared office spaces, tectoria, local organic bakeries, expansive bike lanes, food trucks, direct ferries to downtown Vancouver and Seattle, wine bars and local breweries.


OPEN HOUSE Saturday, May 4th 3 pm - 5 pm

Easy to view. Call 250-940-4765 for an appointment.


bite sized works of art

The Janion is about transforming living space into bite sized works of minimalist art. It’s really something special.

Inspired by European and Asian concepts, the Micro-Loft is a high-design, high-efficiency home that offers the best of modern living – in a space that makes perfect sense.  Arranged for amenity-rich urban environments this is an accessible approach to home ownership for people who choose quality over quantity and believe that life can’t be contained by four walls.  At times condo prices can make urban living cost prohibitive but the simplicity of Micro-Loft living has come to the rescue.

Decreases your costs and increases your options!

Surround yourself with only the things that you really love.  That are essential to your most happy fulfilled life. Whether for full-time living or a place from which you’ll explore Victoria for just a few weeks at a time The Janion is the Marie Kondo lifestyle you’ve been looking for.  


the straight dope

This chic unit is equipped with: bright windows with views of the Gorge Waterway, high-end finishes, 12ft ceilings, smart built-in storage, soft-close cabinets + custom panel fridge in the kitchen, custom roller blinds and a table/Murphy bed combo, in-suite laundry and separate storage locker plus so many extra building features. Host gatherings at the rooftop patio/party room which has a steel BBQ and incredible views of the Inner Harbour. Join the kayak collective. That’s right there’s a kayak collective! Access to the Gorge water way is directly from the lower level of the building. You can be on the water in literally 30 seconds depending on how quick you are with a padlock. You can also have professional meetings in the main floor meeting room and enjoy a fully equipped gym facility. Enjoy the life changing magic of simple living in the heart of one of Canada’s greatest cities!


OPEN HOUSE Saturday, May 4th 3 pm - 5 pm

Easy to view. Call 250-940-4765 for an appointment.

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